We are a multidisciplinary communications agency based in Belgium. Since 1978*


* That same productive year we got obsessed with Space Invaders. Still. Trying. To. Shoot. Them. Dammit.

* That same productive year Canada elected Trudeau Prime Minister. Sounds familiar.

* That same productive year Freddie Mercury combed his moustache and started claiming they were the champions. And they would rock you. Or something like that.

* That same productive year John twisted Olivia back and forth and left us with a - not so - timeless haircut. Oh, those summer nights.

* That same productive year with three popes. Paul VI died (Amen) and made room for John Paul I, who died (Amen) and got replaced by John Paul II. Holy crap.

* That same productive year Björn Borg was still wearing boring underwear. And won Wimbledon and Rolland Garros in it. How ordinary.

* That same productive year Garfield The Cat scratched our imagination for the very first time. Now who’s a good boy?

* That same productive year Elon Musk was only a 7-year old schoolboy on the verge of buying his first computer and teaching himself how to program.