New product lines, new developments, new seasons … they keep coming. And with them come new catalogues. You envision boring lists with SKUs and never ending tables with product details? Come again. Because, when we enter the picture, storytelling and emotions come along too. We present to you: a quick and easy checklist to improve the impact of your catalogues.

1. Story? Check!

Never ever see you catalogue as a one off expression. At all times, it has to be part of your complete communication strategy, so make all your outings tell the same story.

A list of products is just a list of products. Instead of layouting boring tables, take your customers and prospects on a journey. When you tell a story, enriched with ideas and inspiration on why and how to use your products in new and surprising ways, combined with information on your company, your catalogue will be much more inspiring.

Quax Storytelling 1
Quax Storytelling 2

How are you telling your story? The possibilities are infinite. You can tell it yourself, let your clients or employees do so, create a mascotte to bring it forward, organise interviews, … But be careful: don’t let your inner KingKong show off - don’t exaggerate and don’t lose your credibility.

Tell your story throughout your whole catalogue. Don’t just bring it as an intro text, but use it as a guideline to create interesting visuals, let it come back in your product photography, use it on the cover and in the title, …

2. Make it a treat for the eye

Magnitude Treat For The Eye 1

A well written story asks for a perfectly executed lay-out. Think it through and make the details right. It’s important to match the layout to the image you want to portray and the story you want to tell. A good design supports your story, a poorly designed catalogue will drag you down.

Magnitude Treat For The Eye 2

Good looks are important, but they’re not all that matter. Equally important: your catalogue must be user friendly. Create a logical and intuitive structure, and don’t make it complex.

3. Visuals are key

Ever went shopping without an idea what you even wanted to buy? Chances are big that you looked at the displayed mannequins and bought at least one element of their outfits. Why? Seeing equals buying. So show off your products. Make them stand out using qualitative photography. Don’t just stick with packshots. Go for product placement: show your customers how to use and combine your products and inspire them with suprising applications. And please, skip stock photography. Be yourself, use your story to create the right images.

Quax Visuals Are Key

4. Last but not least

Your cover is your first impression, this is where the story begins. The right visual, the right name, an intriguing title, they all help you to sell your story (and your products, of course).

Seeing is buying. If you want to boost the sales of a specific product, you might think about integrating it on your cover. If the overall concept is key, use a conceptual visual instead.

Also think the title of your catalogue through. Will you create a new one to fit every edition’s subject? Or will you define a clear and recognisable concept for all of your catalogues? Everything depends on the image you want to portray and the story you want to tell.

Ibc Catalogi Covers Liggend Beeld

5. Go for integrated communication

Ibc Instagram

Once again: don’t set your catalogue apart. At all times, it must be part of your complete branding and communication strategy, so make all your outings tell the same story. Use the images from your catalogue to enrich your social media, narrate your story on your website, spread the word with your emailings. And link back to all these media in your catalogue. Talk about your webshop, invite your customers to connect on your social networks, activate them towards your emailings, …

A brief summary - the catalogue checklist

  • Fits your broader branding and communication strategy?
  • The right title?
  • Storytelling?
  • Well-executed layout?
  • Logical structure?
  • Attractive visuals?
  • Surprising product applications?
  • Appealing cover?

Check? Great!


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