Our beliefs - It’s all about megatrends


Megatrends are great forces in societal evolution. They will affect the future in the next 10 - 20 years. Megatrends are certainties (with some tiny elements of uncertainty to spice things up). They form the perfect seeds to grow your company’s strategy from.

For over 10 years, when developing our clients’ strategies, we have been using megatrends like ageing, urbanisation, individualisation and personalisation as empowering insights. We believe that their unbelievable market potential for innovative products, services and solutions is still underestimated and undervalued, just like their usefulness in finetuning and optimising business and communication strategies.

The mid-market segment is dying

One of these trends to keep in mind is polarisation. The world will consist of extremes. Think of luxury markets versus discount consumption. Individuality versus mainstream. Excess versus minimalism. There will hardly be compromises. The pressure on the middle way of consumption will even increase in all markets. And with the help of the internet, this megatrend will accelerate further - as we can already notice in today’s society.

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