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Managing partners Vandekerckhove&Devos

Our mindset

Vandekerckhove&Devos is a full-time communication agency, part-time stress reliever. We take care of our client’s identity and communicative worries by purifying them towards crystal clear and relevant content and inspiring beauty. As hybrid entrepreneurs, coming up with strong communicative solutions is our biggest joy, but certainly not our only one. We go beyond communication. We dig for the roots of a client’s issue and develop future-proof market and product strategies. Briefly: we think a business through before we speak.

Founded in 1978 by Piet Vandekerckhove, our agency is now led by three partners: Michel Devos, Sandra Demeester and Nicolas De Winter. Three direct lines for you to ventilate your ideas, problems, dreams and even nightmares. Feel free to contact us.

Team Vandekerchove&Devos

Our team

In our agency, a tight-knit team of some 20 talented communication specialists are having fun. On their desks: pencil sharp ideas and skills rooted in concept design, tactical campaigns, typography, storytelling, social messaging, marketing and editing. In addition to this team of specialists, we rely on our in-house digital agency The Craft for online firework. In short: as a client, you’re in active but safe hands.